Alice Rivaz

A strong literary persona uniting expression of intimacy with that of universality, and who relentlessly attempted to outline the zeitgeist by delving deep into the daily lives of ordinary people. Her contemporaries praised her writing: Corinna Bille, Maurice Chappaz, Catherine Colomb, Georges Haldas, Jean-Georges Lossier, Marcel Raymond, Gustave Roud. Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz endorsed her first novel, Nuages dans la main (1940).

Two years before Simone de Beauvoir published her Second Sex, Alice Rivaz released La Paix des Ruches (Peace in the beehives) in 1947, thus becoming the first francophone author to publish a feminist novel.

Comme le sable (1946) was followed by Sans Alcool (1961), Comptez vos jours (1966), Le Creux de la vague (1967), L’Alphabet du matin (1968), De Mémoire et d’oubli (1973), Jette ton pain (1979), Ce nom qui n’est pas le mien (1980) and Traces de vie (1983).

Laureate of the Grand Prix Ramuz in 1980, and of the Schiller Prize, first in 1942 for Nuages dans la main and then in 1969 for L'Alphabet du matin, Alice Rivaz is undoubtedly one of the major authors shaping the Swiss literary landscape.

In the spotlight

La Paix des ruches nominated for the Prix Mémorable des librairies Initiales

We are delighted to announce that La Paix des ruches (new edition published by Éditions Zoé featuring a preface by Mona Chollet) was selected for the Prix Mémorable. The prize recognises the republishing of an undeservedly forgotten author, a deceased foreign author never translated into French before, or an unpublished work or a revised complete translation of an author's work.

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04.11.2023 – General Assembly of the Alice Rivaz Association, MRL, Geneva

The next General Assembly will take place at 17h00 at the MRL House of Rousseau and Literature, Grand-Rue 40, Geneva.

17.11. to 26.11.2023 – Une heure avec... at the Théâtre de Carouge

(in French only)

For this first edition, the great actress Yvette Théraulaz will share with us her own experience of Alice Rivaz' works. 

Additional information and booking available on the event page.

La Paix des ruches reviewed on France Inter, October 2022 (in French only)

Juliette Arnaud talks about La Paix des ruches, following the current republishing of Alice Rivaz' feminist novel.

New edition, November 2022, published at Editions Zoé, prefaced by Mona Chollet
Her works

Her works

Published between 1940 and 1986, her works relate the profound changes in the status of women and relations between the sexes, as well as the taboos and constraints affecting ordinary people.

The Association

The Association

About the Alice Rivaz Association

La Paix des ruches

La Paix des ruches

La Paix des ruches (The peace within the beehive) was published two years before Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex and precedes the feminist novels of the latter half of the 20th century.